Friday, July 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes


Such beautiful photos by Heidi Swanson at 101 Cookbooks

You may have already noticed this (if you didn't, you must not be looking very closely), but the photos on here recently have been absolutely atrocious.  That is because I've been taking them with my phone, since I broke my camera a couple of months ago.  I can't stand this for very much longer, so I'm in the market for a decent camera.  I really want to work on my photography.  I'm so inspired by what I see all over the web, especially on food sites - people are just creating magic with such simple things.  On my short list of books to get is Plate to Pixel, by Helene Dujardin, the writer behind the fabulous blog Tartelette101 Cookbooks and The Blue Hour never disappoint in terms of photos, either.  They are both so beautifully done.  Anyway, anybody dabble in photography and have a pretty good camera that won't cost me an arm and a leg?


This week in my Slow Food "Food News" e-mail, there was an article titled, "Bad Food? Tax It, and Subsidize Vegetables."  It's by Mark Bittman, who writes opinions for the food section of the New York Times, and wrote Food Matters and a lot of other great books.  I thought it was a great idea, and definitely worth reading.  It's very sad that in such a wealthy country, only the affluent have access to nutritious food options.  This seems like a great way to put healthy food where it's needed the most - in poorer neighborhoods, or so-called "food deserts."


I thought this was pretty funny.  I don't read these types of things unless I'm waiting in line at the grocery store, but when I looked at this I actually laughed out loud.  Kate Middleton aka the Duchess of Cambridge is having a meltdown!  Wait, wait... take a closer look.  Nope, she's just BLINKING.  


I had a picnic in Millennium Park on Wednesday night with one of my friends.  The Grant Park Orchestra gives about 3 free concerts per week in the park, and hundreds of people come with picnic equipment in varying levels of intensity, from mine:

All the way to the most elaborate lawn chairs, mini tables, wine, and complete sets of outdoor dishes.  These people are serious about their picnicking.  And in Chicago in the summer, who can blame them?  3 free concerts a week here, plus a bunch of great outdoor concerts at Ravinia!  Summer in Chicago is fantastic.


At the picnic, we ate:

White Gazpacho, and

Crab Salad Sandwiches.

Based on recipes from this Pioneer Woman post.  Thank you, Ree, from the bottom of my heart!


They had Traverse City blueberries at the grocery store in Chicago!  So naturally, I bought two 2-pound boxes.  I'm almost done with one box, and I'll freeze the other box.  Blueberry muffins for breakfast tomorrow morning!  Followed by a long walk and trips to the city pool and the public library.  Lovely day ahead!


We're going to see Beauty and the Beast tonight!  The tickets were my anniversary gift from the Coppertop Guy.  I'm wearing my bright yellow dress, to look like Belle, and I'm very excited.  I <3 Disney.

Have a great weekend!  Go over to Jen's for more Quick Takes!

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