Friday, July 8, 2011

Garden Update!

I guess the plants don't think that fish emulsion is gross, because they are thriving!  The tomatoes have tons of little blossoms on them, there's an almost-fully-grown jalapeno and several buds on that plant, the cilantro and basil are thriving and have come into regular rotation in the kitchen already!  Here are some pictures of the progress:

Red bell pepper (sustained some hail damage a couple weeks ago)
Bell pepper buds!
Hybrid tomato, basil

Tomato blossom

Lavender and Rosemary

Heirloom tomato (with marigolds)

Tomato blossoms

More tomato blossoms

Prolific cilantro and jalapeno.  I think they get the most sun...

Look at them go!  One almost fully grown, and several babies

Go to the Coppertop Garden page for previous updates about my little vegetable and herb garden!

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