Wednesday, July 13, 2011


I take the phrase "LOL" very seriously.  In terms of online chatter, that is one thing I just do not throw around.  Sometimes I'll read these blogs, and they'll say,

"I just made macaroni and cheese for dinner LOL."

"I love peas LOL."

"I reaaaallllly need to clean my bathroom LOL."

And I just think, are you really L-ing O L right now?  Really?  Because of macaroni and cheese?  Peas?  ...Needing to clean your bathroom?  Why is that funny?

I imagine these stone-faced people, in dark rooms with only the blue light of their computers, writing ROFL without cracking a smile.

I only write LOL if I am, in fact, laughing out loud.  Or shaking with silent laughter.  Like when I'm reading something like this.

Smiley faces, on the other hand... well, I am out of control.  If I don't watch myself, every paragraph of an e-mail will end in a smiley face.  But that's another story.  :-)

What are some things that make you LOL?

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  1. OMG! I loved that video! I am really really really LOLing! I couldnt agree with you more about the LOL phenomenon. And I had a friend who said LOL when he wanted to be sarcastic and mean. So that totally ruined it for me!