Saturday, May 25, 2013

Market Day!

I thought it might be fun, as the market season heats up and I start buying the lion's share of our food there, if I started showing you what I got, and sharing what I hoped to do with it. In the winter I try to shop with a specific list in hand, having plotted out meals ahead of time. But in the summer, I do things the other way around: head to the market (with a limited wad of cash), buy what looks best, and plan meals from there.

This morning's haul:

1 5.5-pound chicken ($21.25)
1 dozen large eggs ($5)
1 pound asparagus ($5)
2.5 pounds rhubarb ($10)
1 bunch (about 12 ounces) rainbow chard ($3)
1 bunch (about 2 ounces) chives ($2)
12 ounces feta cheese (buy one, get one free! At $6)
2 peonies ($5)
1 loaf bread ($6)
1 rhubarb galette ($6)
1 cup coffee ($1)

Grand total = $70.25

My plans:

Asparagus, chive, and feta frittata
Roasted chicken (+ leftovers + chicken stock for the freezer)
Rhubarb shrub syrup
Rhubarb tart
Sautéed chard and fried eggs on toast

What would you make?

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