Monday, May 20, 2013

Garden Update!

Things are happening fast around here. A lot has changed in the two weeks since my last garden update. The weather was crazy, and in the process of trying to harden off my tomatoes and peppers, I killed them. All. Apparently I overwatered them, then put them outside for too long too fast, and then my feelings got hurt, my pride got wounded, and I forgot to water the survivors. So they died too. It was a pretty sad and desperate few days, and here's what I have decided: for now, I'm going to buy starter plants of the ones that need a long head start indoors, and start from seed the ones that can be directly sown outside. The outside plants are doing fabulously! And I adopted a couple of new plants from the amazing garden center in our neighborhood! Let me show you:

Poor guys. *sob*
The tomato graveyard. |

The first arugula harvest!
First arugula harvest |

Peas climbing.
Pea tendrils |

A stowaway! Carrot seed must have gotten blown by the wind.

A newcomer: Black Beauty Zucchini

Empress Green Beans and Nasturtiums

Arugula, just before I dug it up in favor of a tomato, and sugar snaps


Better Bush Tomato (hybrid, supposed to be great for containers), with basil seeds sown all around.

From left: Cherry Cascade tomato seedling and Thai Hot Chile seedling (in the cardboard box); Latham Raspberry bush in the black pot (my Mother's Day gift!); Thai Hot Chile in the blue pot (with cilantro seeds sown in the strawberry pods on the sides), and a Mini Red Bell pepper in the green ceramic pot.

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