Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Straight to the source

This weekend we attended the wedding of some good friends of ours on Notre Dame's campus in South Bend, Indiana.  Since graduation, a lot of our friends have scattered far and wide across the country and the world, and weddings have been some of the only times we've all been able to see each other.  My husband was incredibly blessed to meet the great friends he did in college, and I am constantly thankful that they all managed to select such fabulous wives.

I love going to weddings.  I love to see how people's personalities shine through in all the decisions they've made about so many tiny details.  And there was personality galore at this wedding: instead of traditional place cards, the bride and groom gave each guest a 4-ounce jar of homemade raspberry jam with their name and table number on top.  And look at these centerpieces!

Vintage tins found in Grandpa's basement, and vintage glass vases and Mason jars to hold flowers.  Wooden boxes full of apples!  I die.  It was just the right amount of whimsy.

Personalized reusable grocery bags were tied with ribbon to the back of each chair.

And the groom's sister handmade all the pies for the reception!  They were delicious.

The grocery bags came in handy right away!  On the way back to Chicago, we stopped at Garwood Orchard and U-Pick Farm in La Porte, Indiana.  We picked 23 pounds of honeycrisp apples, and a half-bushel of Roma tomatoes, and then at the farm store we got eggplants, peppers, butternut squash, and of COURSE, cider and donuts.

It was the perfect end to a lovely weekend!  Not to mention the fact that it solved all my worries about not being able to go to the market this weekend - we went straight to the source!  Waaaay better.

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