Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Locavore Challenge!

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Yesterday, I signed up for the Green City Market's two-week Locavore Challenge, pledging to eat only local food, to the best of my ability, from September 8 (tomorrow!) until September 22.  There's no better time of year I could think of to attempt such a lofty challenge.  It's going to be so fun, and so delicious!

I'm going to use these two weeks as a "back-to-school" time for myself, learning more about local food and artisan food producers in the Chicago area.  And of course I'll share what I learn (and what I'm eating) with you!

Want to join me?  Go to the Locavore Challenge website and sign up!  Let me know in the comments if you're coming along for the ride!  I'd love to have company, and you better believe we're going to eat like kings and queens for two straight weeks!

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