Saturday, June 1, 2013

Market Day (6.1.13)

Another beautiful day at the market with my girl this morning! We hopped right out of bed, got ready, and walked out to the bus stop (little detour to Starbucks on the way). We got there around 7:45, and it was already hoppin'! Strawberries are here! We had a little picnic breakfast of rhubarb muffin and fresh strawberries. Cool breeze, warm sun, soft grass, sweet strawberries. Heaven.

Farmers' Market 6.1.13

Farmers' Market 6.1.13

Farmers' Market 6.1.13

She grabbed a strawberry and squished it in her tiny little paw; see the strawberry juice running down her arm? That's my girl.

Here's what we got, clockwise from the top left:

Farmers' Market 6.1.13

Fingerling potatoes: $4.50
Baby kale: $4
Arugula: $4
Rhubarb (2#): $8
Spring onions: $3
Lettuce: $5
.8 lbs skirt steak: $15
French breakfast radishes: $3
Peonies (3): $10
Strawberries (3 pints): $15
Asparagus: $3

Baked goods, not pictured:
Bread: $6
Rhubarb muffin: $3
Rhubarb focaccia: $3

Total: $86.50

Menu ideas:

Strawberry purée for Anne
Broiled skirt steak and pan-roasted potatoes
Lots of salad
Toast with butter and radishes
Rhubarb breakfast cake

What about you? Did you start your weekend at the market?

P.S. this lettuce is bigger than my head. A lot bigger.

Farmers' Market 6.1.13

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  1. She is the most beautiful little ginger ever :) Also, HOLY CANNOLI LETTUCE!!