Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Garden Update (6.5.13)

The weather's been cooler, so things don't seem to be happening as fast, but on the upside, I've still barely had to water, and I bet the rhubarb season is going to be long this year. There are 4 pounds of rhubarb in my kitchen right now, just waiting to be turned into delicious treats. Here are this week's developments:

Tiny baby bell pepper!
Mini red bell pepper 6.5.2013 |

Green beans:
Green beans 6.5.2013 |

Zucchini | 6.5.2013 |

Tomato 6.5.2013 |

Carrots 6.5.2013 |

Sugar Snap Peas, with PEAS on them:
Sugar snap peas 6.5.2013 |

What about you?


  1. Everything here is kind of yellow, protesting how cold it was for the last few weeks. And then it was 90 today. Poor plants! The zucchini looks happy though, and so do my tomatoes. Your garden looks great!

    1. It's ridiculous! The polar opposite of the sweltering heat of last spring. If the zucchini and tomatoes are happy, I call that a pretty good thing. Hoping it warms up soon!!