Saturday, April 6, 2013

Seed Starting!

Wanted to give a quick update about what's been going on, garden-wise. Last July, we moved into a building that has a large, easily-accessed rooftop deck. I've got big plans for our convenient full-sun spot!! I ordered a bunch of seeds in February from Seed Savers Exchange, and on March 14, they went into their little pods! I was so nervous, but they are doing great! I'm telling you, I must be a glutton for punishment. As if it's not enough that I'm dealing with the constant uncertainty that comes with being a new mom, I'm piling on the uncertainty of starting a garden. I must be hard up for some serious personal growth. Stay tuned for the new and improved Elizabeth, apparently.

I am utilizing both and heavily to answer all my gardening questions, and to bolster my confidence.

Here the progress so far:

Seeds |

Ready-made seed starting kit, and all my little seed packets. So much potential!

Seeds starting 2013 |

A few days after planting. I should have had my shop light ready to go; my tomatoes starting bolting for the sunlight coming from the window, poor guys.

Crowded seedling flat! |

A couple weeks after planting, clockwise from top left: basil, tomatoes, peppers, more tomatoes, parsley, and thyme.

Plant-growing bulbs |

To make your own grow light out of a plain old shop light, make sure to get full-spectrum bulbs.

Thinning and repotting station |

Ready for thinning and transplanting! Two weeks from planting.

The tomatoes that didn't make the cut |

Tough love. Poor little guys. Only the strong survive.

Repotted tomatoes |

Roomy new homes! Droopy little plants, but nothing a little water and light can't fix.

Repotted Herbs |

Some DIY containers.

More updates to come soon!

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  1. These are looking fantastic! I'm so excited to see how these progress through the upcoming weeks. Yay for gardening!