Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Lovely Links (March 2013)

Because it was Holy Week when March slid into April, and... better late than never!!

March 2013 | coppertopkitchen.blogspot.com
1. Sunrise on the way out of town to visit all the grandparents.
2. Gorgeous huge tree in my parents' yard.
4. Sprouts! 3 days after planting.
5. Helping me cook on St. Patrick's Day.
6. Tomato seedling with its first set of true leaves!

Smoky Beet Burgers. Good grief those look amazing.

Betcha didn't think of everything in this post about poison prevention. I saved the number for poison control on my phone.

Dried fava soup with mint and guajillo chiles!! That's reason enough to hope it doesn't stop raining quite yet - more soup weather, please!

"Your 'art' is really just the thing you love, the thing you’re good at, the thing you do that’s authentically you."

I never met a Reuben I didn't like, so I think I can get on board with Hot Reuben Dip.

Creative ways to upcycle wood pallets. One day I will be patient and awesome enough to pull off things like that.

I've never done stuffed cabbage rolls before, but after seeing several iterations lately (like these Asian Stuffed Napa Cabbage Rolls), I must say I am intrigued.

Love how the Church is getting more and more into the online/social media world. Case in point: Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI published an interactive e-book shortly after resigning.

Bees Wrap. Reusable beeswax and cloth food storage alternative to plastic wrap. WANT.

I now have several more reasons to want to visit the Bay Area sooner than later.

Bringing professional musicians into your home for concerts tailored especially for kids? Awesome.

How come all little girls can be princesses... but little boys aren't all princes?

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  1. #5 is the best thing ever. The Bees Wrap is positively genius!