Thursday, December 1, 2011

Look what we made!

Post-Thanksgiving ritual: grapefruit and green tea for breakfast, and the advent wreath!

I think I'm addicted to yarn crafts.  I just finished my first sweater (!) during the drive up to Michigan and back this weekend, and my sister and I have established a new holiday tradition - the post-Thanksgiving Christmas craft project!

Knitting with double-pointed needles is ca-razy.  Believe it.
For our first annual post-Thanksgiving Christmas craft project, we made crocheted wreaths!  So easy and fun - they only took about an hour or so to make.  Since all the women in my family tend to not be able to sit still, crafting is a great way for us to get in some quality time.  It allows our hands to be doing something while we focus attention on each other.

Here's what we needed.  Not a lot, eh?

And here's what we got:

We're silly.  Want to make your own?  Oh my goodknits!  You can!


  1. So cute! Add that to my list of things to do from this site. :) This year we're using cedar clippings, but I'll have to keep this in mind!

  2. LOVE IT! I am waiting for TJ's mini-wreaths to come out soon so we can make ours! I now have a million things I want to learn to knit and make, but am just so scared! New years resolution perhaps...?

  3. @Lauren - we have always used branches snipped from our Christmas tree in the past, and this does seem slightly fire-hazard-ish, so...

    @RLH - I learned to knit on that sweater, no joke. It helped to have a group of people working on the same project. Want to work on something together?

  4. HA! You totally beat me! I haven't made this yet. Yours are lovely!