Friday, February 17, 2012

30 Days (or 3 months...) of Gratitude

Remember when I said I was going to do a 30-day photo challenge? Back in November? Well, I just finished. Better late than never, I always say!

Gratitude Day 1: Favorite Food  Day 2: Smile Day 3: Happiness Day 4: Leaves Day 5: Morning Sky Day 6: Books Day 7: Something Funny Day 8: Favorite Color
Day 9: Inspiring person Day 10: Nature Day 11: Something Old Day 12: Hands Day 13: Written Words Day 14: Movement Day 15: Technology Day 16: Animals Day 17: Memories Day 18: Something New Day 19: Best Friend Day 20: Seasonal Day 21: Where you sleep Day 22: Clothing Day 23: In your closet Day 24: Gratitude Day 25: Artwork Day 26: Transportation Day 27: Daily routine Day 28: Nighttime Day 29: Light Day 30: Self Portrait

(I originally got this idea from Positively Present. Here's a link to the original challenge. Let me know if you decide to do it - I'd love to see your photos!)



  1. This made me smile - the perfect way to start my day! You bless me, friend!

  2. Aww lovely - you have made me want to complete a challenge now!! :)

  3. Good work on the challenge! Love how the photos turned out! :)