Thursday, May 12, 2011

Market Day: What's In Season

There are many reasons why spring in Chicago is the best.  One such reason is being able to take pictures of things like this:

Where natural and urban beauty meet.

I'm sorry, you probably couldn't tell exactly what is going on in the bottom left.  Here you go:

Goose Babies!!!

Another is the return of the daily neighborhood farmers' markets!  Today is my first market day of what I will call the Happy Season (from now until the end of October, when all the markets are closed save one), and what follows is my bounteous haul! 

Well, hello, market!  Long time, no see!

Home state shoutout!  Michigan asparagus all the way!

Love the live music!

From this gentleman, I bought jack cheese with Thai basil.

Green garlic and curly spinach from here!

Lunch! Ham and parmesan crepe with tomatoes!

Purple asparagus!

Local food treasure.

I had been hoping for some rhubarb, peas, maybe even (be still my heart) strawberries... but spring has not been very kind to us yet, and it's going to be a couple of weeks until we have that kind of variety.  Still, I am not complaining!  I've got asparagus in two colors, green garlic, curly spinach, and locally produced cheese, and that is a great place to start! 

Happy spring, all!

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